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Waldorf Norse Mythology Chalk Drawing

Back in September I did a chalk drawing of the Norse Realms for the beginning of our Norse Mythology block. I posted a photo of it on Facebook, which was snatched up and shared by my school’s Facebook page. After that, I could not believe what happened.

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The Day We Carried Ice Blocks On Our Heads

Working with children is one of the most highly unpredictable things one can do. The things they say, the things they do, it’s nearly impossible for any adult not to be utterly amused. There have been times I’m in the middle of a lesson on multiplying fractions when a child may fart in class and… Continue reading The Day We Carried Ice Blocks On Our Heads

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Owl Paintings by 10-Year-Old Waldorf Students

Why We Study Animals This year we are studying Zoology; we study animals by comparing each creature directly to the human being. Why? The human being is balanced; we have a desirable combination of an intellectual brain (head),  well-developed organ systems (trunk), and highly specialized hands and feet (limbs) that allow us to paint, build, dance, and create quite… Continue reading Owl Paintings by 10-Year-Old Waldorf Students