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1997 [Wild.]

  I used to twirl, I used to fall on purpose; Lie on my back and look at clouds, I made pictures out of pinecones I cast spells upon corn to conjure up the wind  and stamped the earth with raspberries  I smashed between my toes.  I used to laugh at the toothy burrs, Unafraid. … Continue reading 1997 [Wild.]

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I don’t hate you, not at all.  In fact we need each other.  But you– You don’t understand my role in it all.  You just keep reaching for my light, Nourished by my boundless energy: How I can dance on paper walls And fill a room Until it’s bursting at the seams with brightness.   Your… Continue reading Photosynthesis. 

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Why Chihuahuas Are Not Indigenous to Alberta

Winter in Alberta: it’s gloomy, wretched, merciless. Cold. It’s a dry cold, the kind that gives you nosebleeds, turns your skin into scales, and makes a remote car starter a fundamental necessity. For a migrant to Alberta such as myself, winter can really sip, swallow, and sop up every bit of your joy if you let… Continue reading Why Chihuahuas Are Not Indigenous to Alberta

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3 Reasons Why I Never Buy Salad Dressing

I don’t buy salad dressing any more. In fact, most of the time if I’m eating at home I don’t use it at all. Why? I usually add some form of protein to my salads (like salmon, chicken, ground beef, quinoa). I usually fry up the protein first because I love the contrast of cold crispy… Continue reading 3 Reasons Why I Never Buy Salad Dressing