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The Gifts of Imperfection

Today is Day 6 of my writing challenge.  The word ‘challenge’ certainly rings true today. I can barely see the computer screen because I’m currently writing this from inside a mountain of snotty tissues. No amount of wool socks, cozy sweaters, mint tea or vegan peanut butter cookies seem to be making me feel better.… Continue reading The Gifts of Imperfection

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Mindfulness Monday—Blood Moon

Day 4: Mindfulness Monday “Blood Moon” Last night I stood under a canopy of stars staring at a swollen, tangerine moon on a bolt of Prussian blue silk stretched across the sky. I remembered how, as children we’d put a ball in our rainbow parachute; together we’d throw the ball up to the sky, higher than the clouds. Now it’s… Continue reading Mindfulness Monday—Blood Moon

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Speak with Nature Saturday—Dragonflies and Sacred Things

Writing Challenge Day 2: Speak with Nature Saturday Today Havarti and I went down to the pond. I found a quiet spot to sit. Havarti talked to the bumblebees and the wildflowers. I sat with my sacred little things, fresh air permeating my lungs. Earth. Fire. Air. Water. As I sat there in the stillness, two dragonflies… Continue reading Speak with Nature Saturday—Dragonflies and Sacred Things

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Wake Up Call

Last night the phrase ‘believe in your dream’ hit me over the head. Literally. I’ve got a small goose egg to prove it. I’m staying with family who transformed a gorgeous little room for my stay. They put some decorations up specifically for me. Above my bed hangs an ornate mandala reading ‘dream,’ and below it,… Continue reading Wake Up Call

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Autumnal Equinox: How to Shed What Doesn’t Serve You

Many people associate springtime with renewal and rebirth, but for me the autumnal equinox is equally as important. It is a time to renew our vows to ourselves, and to let go of what doesn’t serve us. Trees actually go through a process called abscission whereby specialized cells stop sending water to the leaves and the tree… Continue reading Autumnal Equinox: How to Shed What Doesn’t Serve You

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Rock Climbing Blindfolded and Risk-Taking in Children–Hallie & Havarti

Yesterday I took my students to a rock climbing gym.     Then, we blind folded them. Hard, physical work; facing fears; and heightened tactile stimulation. My developmental psychology-trained brain was echoing a resounding YES! I love taking my class to things like this because the truth is: children need to climb.  And furthermore, children need to… Continue reading Rock Climbing Blindfolded and Risk-Taking in Children–Hallie & Havarti