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You’ll Get It When You’re Older

Do you remember a time when you were young, perhaps your parents were having a dinner party, a Thanksgiving gathering, or a barbecue? The adults were boozing and laughing while you drank your apple juice in wide-eyed wonder, pondering the strange socialization habits of adults—like a scientist trying to understand animalistic mating rituals in the Serengeti—you were left wondering, why the… Continue reading You’ll Get It When You’re Older

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Take the Damn Gift!

Day 5: Try Something New Tuesday We’ve all been in a situation like this… You and your friend have had a laughter-filled lunch of catching up together when the waiter brings the check. Your friend says, “I’ve got this,” as she pulls the billfold toward her. You say “I can’t let you do that,” or “No, let… Continue reading Take the Damn Gift!


Satirical Sunday—Card Declined

Day 3: Satirical Sunday—Declined Walking through the mall I smelled a mouthwatering smell. Intoxicating.  It was the unmistakeable scent of 100 baby marshmallows swimming in melted butter. OK, it wasn’t.  It turned out just to be a Mrs. Fields cookie kiosk. “Is there a VISA minimum?” I asked, knowing I didn’t have cash on me. The cashier,… Continue reading Satirical Sunday—Card Declined

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Wake Up Call

Last night the phrase ‘believe in your dream’ hit me over the head. Literally. I’ve got a small goose egg to prove it. I’m staying with family who transformed a gorgeous little room for my stay. They put some decorations up specifically for me. Above my bed hangs an ornate mandala reading ‘dream,’ and below it,… Continue reading Wake Up Call

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The Day We Carried Ice Blocks On Our Heads

Working with children is one of the most highly unpredictable things one can do. The things they say, the things they do, it’s nearly impossible for any adult not to be utterly amused. There have been times I’m in the middle of a lesson on multiplying fractions when a child may fart in class and… Continue reading The Day We Carried Ice Blocks On Our Heads

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Why Chihuahuas Are Not Indigenous to Alberta

Winter in Alberta: it’s gloomy, wretched, merciless. Cold. It’s a dry cold, the kind that gives you nosebleeds, turns your skin into scales, and makes a remote car starter a fundamental necessity. For a migrant to Alberta such as myself, winter can really sip, swallow, and sop up every bit of your joy if you let… Continue reading Why Chihuahuas Are Not Indigenous to Alberta