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Why Chihuahuas Are Not Indigenous to Alberta

Winter in Alberta: it’s gloomy, wretched, merciless. Cold. It’s a dry cold, the kind that gives you nosebleeds, turns your skin into scales, and makes a remote car starter a fundamental necessity. For a migrant to Alberta such as myself, winter can really sip, swallow, and sop up every bit of your joy if you let… Continue reading Why Chihuahuas Are Not Indigenous to Alberta

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Working Out Again and Post-Gym Cuddles

Honestly? It’s been about a year since I was actively engaged in a daily fitness routine. Being a new teacher was a challenge greater than anything I had faced before. I really had no idea what I was getting into. All of my personal habits and rhythms were tested. My social life became as skimpy as Miley Cyrus’ stage… Continue reading Working Out Again and Post-Gym Cuddles

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Havarti Wants Salad (And Attention!)

If you don’t already know, I have a dog named Havarti. At 5 lbs, she’s full-grown and has more spunk than Gene Simmons in his prime. She’s peppy, playful, and an extremely snobbish foodie. Today while I was trying to take pictures of my salad for the blog, Havarti literally followed me around the house… Continue reading Havarti Wants Salad (And Attention!)