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Foodie Friday—Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

Today marks Day 1 of my writing challenge.  That means it’s Foodie Friday—and I’ve decided to share with you one of my favorite, most delicious and                                                            … Continue reading Foodie Friday—Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

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3 Reasons Why I Never Buy Salad Dressing

I don’t buy salad dressing any more. In fact, most of the time if I’m eating at home I don’t use it at all. Why? I usually add some form of protein to my salads (like salmon, chicken, ground beef, quinoa). I usually fry up the protein first because I love the contrast of cold crispy… Continue reading 3 Reasons Why I Never Buy Salad Dressing

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Crock-Pot Oats: a Better Way to Prepare

If you’re anything like me, then you’re familiar with the challenges of trying to stick to a healthy eating schedule. For me, ‘clean eating’ means using fresh, local ingredients and avoiding things that are packaged and processed. As a general rule, I try to avoid things with more than 4 or 5 ingredients on the label.… Continue reading Crock-Pot Oats: a Better Way to Prepare

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I Made These in Five Minutes

Recently I wrote about why I like to avoid commercial bread, as well one of my ‘secrets’ to bread free lunches involving the vitamin-rich fruit, the cucumber! Lately, it seems, I just can’t stop writing about them. I made these Salmon Cucumber Bites for a staff potluck, and since then, I’ve been asked to make them many times for… Continue reading I Made These in Five Minutes

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My Secret to Bread-Free Sandwiches

In a previous post I mentioned a few reasons I try to avoid commercial bread. Not all of us have the time to make homemade bread on a regular basis, so instead I’ve started avoiding it all together. I wanted to share with you one of the ways I’ve switched from carb & gluten-filled sandwiches, to delicious,… Continue reading My Secret to Bread-Free Sandwiches

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The Scary Truth About Bread

I don’t have celiac disease; I’m not even gluten-free, but I do notice how I feel after a carb-y gluten-filled meal. I feel full, too full: bloated, crampy, and water-retentive. The more conscious you are of what you eat, the more acutely you can feel the differences of the food choices you make. As a teacher, I’m packing a… Continue reading The Scary Truth About Bread