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6.19.16: Daniel

Three-hundred and sixty odd days ago
They told me I wouldn’t see you again.
I tried to look back,
Recapitulate the last time I saw you
But couldn’t find the memory:
I couldn’t rub away the layer of film
over the dirty lens of life
to reach you on the other side.

Life does that:
Pulls people apart one thread at a time,
Fibres unbundling slowly, discreetly,
Until our pieces of cloth are no longer
“Cut from the same.”

Your once reserved whisper now shakes the earth with godly resonance,
In the approaching footsteps of a loved one,
Or the thunder’s low roll.
Your laughter plays in the wind,
(You will breeze in, fresh air that you are)
Your sweetness, in the white smoke
curling into a cloudless cobalt sky,
and your shining eyes in the crescents of the moon.
We hear you, we see you.

I feel your message echoing in the guttural vibrations of the earth,
Heralding, ‘Wake up!’
Dreams are too sacred not to be crystallized!
Love is too powerful not to be shouted from rooftops!
Life is too fleeting not to be honored.
Wake up! Wake up! Love is my legacy.
I heard you.
     We hear you.
And it is,
And we do...and we do…




6 thoughts on “6.19.16: Daniel

  1. This is so beautiful. There’s a lot of poetry out in blog world, rarely do I feel so moved by it to comment. This is absolutely beautiful. Wonder if you’ll ever share the back story. Of course understandable if not. Happy summer solstice!


    1. This comment left a sparkling streak of joy in my morning. You have no idea how meaningful it is to me to receive this kind of feedback. Absolutely, I will share Daniel’s story. Thank you for reading. Happy summer solstice!

      Liked by 1 person

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