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A Birthday Verse for the Lioness

Every year, I write each child in my class a verse on their birthday. It’s so wonderful to go back and read the poem from the year before. In a way each verse is like a time capsule, providing a brief snapshot of who the child was in that moment, or what they were striving for.

A Birthday Verse for the Lioness

© Hallie and Havarti 2015; please ask before sharing and link back to original post











The wise and graceful lioness

Swishes ‘cross the grassy plain.

A sharp and stealthy hunter

She is,

The queen of her domain.

The orange sun is sinking fast:

It signs the dwindling hour,

But timeless is

Her majesty:

Beauty, strength, and power.


© Hallie Rose 2015

If you’d like to share this, please give credit to the original post. Thank you. 🙂

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