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A Peek Into My Classroom & Waldorf Education

When I’m not experimenting in the kitchen, reading poetry, or trying to prevent my Chihuahua, Havarti from eating dust bunnies,

then usually, I’m at work.

I truly believe I work at one of the most magical places on earth (and no, not Disney World).

I work at a school that I believe (obviously without any bias) is unlike any other: a Waldorf school, and to grossly simply the philosophy, I’d say it’s an artistic education based on the education of the whole child: the head, the heart, the hands. 

I wanted to start writing about this because, truly, it’s a huge part of my life. It’s changed everything about how I view and experience the world, and I’d like to let you peek into the last two years of my life as a Waldorf teacher.

In Waldorf schools, the class teacher is seen as a significant figure in the child’s life; the class is regarded as a ‘class family,’ and they are typically very tight-knit. It is ideal for a Waldorf teacher to begin with a class in Grade 1 and continue with the same children until Grade 8. The class teacher, therefore, becomes an authority figure analogous to a parent, growing with the child and providing stability throughout their most formative years.

I teach a split or ‘combined’ class, and I was lucky enough to adopt them from their previous Waldorf teacher when they were in Grades 3 & 4. This year, we face the world as ‘Class 4/5;’ they are a group of vivacious, logical, curious, hormonal 9-11 year olds, and I can’t wait to share our story with you.

First, here’s a look into our classroom.








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