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I Made These in Five Minutes

Recently I wrote about why I like to avoid commercial bread, as well one of my ‘secrets’ to bread free lunches involving the vitamin-rich fruit, the cucumber! Lately, it seems, I just can’t stop writing about them.

I made these Salmon Cucumber Bites for a staff potluck, and since then, I’ve been asked to make them many times for friends’ parties. They were a hit!

And best of all, they take only 5 minutes to make!


Here’s the procedure:

  1. Slice one whole cucumber
  2. Spread with cream cheese (light, full fat, or substitute Greek yogurt for an even healthier snack).
  3. Top with a fresh morsel of smoked salmon (The fresher the better! If you’re really ambitious you can smoke it yourself.  Alternatively, most grocery stores carry it frozen in packages; simply let thaw).
  4. Top with a snip of fresh dill!

and…VIOILA! Bon appetit! 

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